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We have entered a new Era of history. The sages of the white spire have noticed the shift in our worlds limitations. They proclaim a new age of magic and gods has begun.

The year is:

2nd Year, 4th Era

Meta: Gesh, the Guardian of Europa has released its bindings, allow all folk to travel to and from Europa. This happen 2 years ago, and has had a multitude of effects.


A very brief timeline:

(Keep in mind, 1 year in Forgotten Realms is 1000 years in Europa)

300,000 years ago: Existance of Europa became. Bayaz, a powerful wizard from the Forgotten Realms, created this universe as his crowning achievement. Pulling the astral plane like dough and bottle necking this portion, his insurmountable power created an extra dimensional universe. Roughly the size of our known solar system IRL, he filled the habitable planets with life. All sorts of flora and fauna and stuff. He used it as a tool for knowledge, power and wealth. The richest families paid immense wealth to harvest spices. Churches and clerics paid to set up facilities. Thinking the only way to access the plane by beautiful dark blue tuning forks he crafted, Bayaz made his money.

100,000 Years ago

Eventually the priest and mages of the forgotten realms discovered the realm CAN be accessed by planar shifting spells. This led to abuse and uncontrolled entry, which led to Bayaz seeking further control. He crafted The Bell, a large black handheld instrument. When struck with one of his forks, it sealed the plane of Europa entirely. This prevented any magics from entering, and allowed him to open and close it as needed.

6,000 Years Ago

Things were going fine for quite some time. Bayaz kept control of the entry, made his money, harvested his power. Sure he had to cause a minor apocalypse or two as civilizations became to powerful by spell or technology, but ultimately things were well. He knew his extended life was coming to an end. He has pushed the boundries too far, and knew the gods would not allow a mortal to survive much longer. He purchased a golden dragon egg from some poachers and left it in Europa. Bayaz visited occasionally to make sure the child was maturing as needed. Through Europa's expedited time, the egg was a Ancient Dragon within six years. Bayaz made him the guardian of The Bell, and protector of Europa.

4,000 Years ago

The Ancient Dragon fucked up and got the bell stolen, long story short. Bayaz, waning in years and control, damned the dragon to live in the forgotten Realms as a human. As time passed Bayaz regretted his decision, though he was much too old and weak to provide help. He schemed a way to continue his life and guide his guardian to The Bell. He placed his soul into one of his blades, but had to forgo his mortal flesh to do so. 

Meanwhile, Europa was sealed from the planes from time to time. During these last 4,000 years, magic in Europa was more reliable than ever before. Though it was flaky and sometimes unresponsive, depending on whether or not The Bell was being fucked with.

1st Era, The New Age (lasted about 1000 years) (year 0-1000 1E)

This was a time born in magics. The mages of the white spire came to be widely respected for their wizardry, and became the new guardians of Europa in a way. They declare and constitute this new form of marking the years and eras. The gods made their names known, and denziens slipped into the plane. The people of Europa witnessed great and sometimes vile beasts coming into existence. 

2nd Era, Age of Steel (again, 1000yearsish) (year 0-1000 2E)

Bell is hit again. Magic ceases to work, the gods are furious being unable to interact or hear praise. The world focuses on practical wisdoms and the faith in the wizards of the white spire dissipate. Great magical beasts stuck in Europa still wander the land, but become less and less known.

3rd Era, Age of Trickery (~1000 years) (year 0-1000 3E)

Chaos. The bell was struck many times in this age. Magic is not trusted, by the fearful or the practitioners. However the Sages of the White Spire gained renown to apprentice mages. It is said the sages of the white spire are some of the few in Europa who know whether a spell will work before it is cast. But yeah man, lots of miscellaneous what-have-you's journey into Europa during this time. Plenty of fuckery as magic turns of and on at random.

4th Era, Unnamed (2 years ago) (year 0-2 4E)

We have entered a new Era of history. The sages of the white spire have noticed the shift in our worlds limitations. They proclaim a new age of magic and gods has begun.