Aralei Galanodel

There's nothing like sleeping in the forest under the moonlight....


Aralei is a wood elf. She has long, flowing black hair, glimmering green eyes, and tan skin, covered in tribal tattoos.


Aralei is from an all-female wood elf tribal village called Caladen, hidden deep in the woods. Her people have a lowly opinion of men, and only cared about them when The Sowing was happening. This was an event that happened once every 30 years, when a new batch of men were brought into the village to be used as studs.

One day, on her first hunt, Aralei was separated from her hunting party. Still young, and not very skilled in survival techniques, she began wandering through the forest trying to find the others. A few hours passed, and she began to lose hope. Night was beginning to fall, so Aralei crawled into a small hollowed-out space in a tree trunk, and cried herself to sleep. During the night, she was woken up by a magical being, who asked her why she was out here by herself. Aralei explained her problem to this being, who promised to help her find her way home, if she were to make pact with them. Aralei agreed. The two underwent a ritual, similar to a handfasting, and the being escorted her back to the village. When her mother asked her what happened to her, Aralei told her of the encounter with the mystical being, and how they helped her home. As she described the being, her mother realized she was referring to none other than Titania herself! Aralei told her mother she was no longer interested in being a ranger, and wanted to be a mage instead.

Many more years passed. Aralei underwent her rite of passage, and was declared an adult. A few days later, she set out on a journey to far outside the forest. With Titania watching over her, she did not feel afraid, and looked forward to her many adventures.

Barely a month after she left home, she found herself caught up in the Aduan-Reshkin war! As she was traveling through Presnova, the Reshkins attacked, causing her to take up arms…

Aralei Galanodel

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