Dr. Malice Goodlark

Cleric of Waukeen, Doctor of Medicine


Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Chondothan)
Place of Birth: Candlekeep (Forgotten Realms)
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 170 lbs
Skin Color: White
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Violet
Scars/Tattoos/Birthmarks: Tattoo of a creepy angel on his upper back,
Horizontal clawmark scar across his chest, abdomen, and upper legs.

Clothes: Sports relaxed formal wear. Blue silk button-up long sleeve shirt, Loose knotted black tie, Black slacks, brown leather shoes, with silk black socks. All clothes look well used and have patches sown here and there plus they look like they may come from a foreign land, but seem fashionably noble in an unusual way. While adventuring, he sports a long black studded leather trench coat with an attached leather hood, black studded leather pants, knee high leather boots, and custom fit thin leather gloves. His most recent adventures have netted him his prized plague doctor’s mask which is a patchwork of leather around crystalline lens googles and a beak of leather that holds mish-mash of herbs used to filter diseases (supposedly).


Malice Shadow grew up in an illustrious town that went by the name of Candlekeep located in the heart of Faerun on the material plane of existence. His family was well known for being ruthless and daring when it came to acquiring information. His father, Fairen Shadow, was an assassin who worked with his mother, Acrilla Shadow, was a high ranking librarian in the Candlekeep library. His parents were feared by those who held valuable knowledge that the “Library” felt important enough to acquire.

By age 16, Malice had been introduced to the various methods of “interrogation” that his father used on suspects. Malice had grown a knack for patching the suspects back up after his father had an interrogation session. With the wealth of knowledge at Candlekeep library, Malice found it easy to further look into various ways to provide medical relief to various humanoid physiology and anatomy. This hobby turned into a passion that led him to eventually get his doctorate in to medicine. Many people looked at his specialty as a lesser version of clergy men who heal people of their illnesses. Therefore, Malice took it upon himself to find a way to integrate a deity’s power of healing and his mortal power of patchwork into one profession.

He became a cleric of Waukeen. Who is the Faerunian deity of trade and knowledge.

Malice soon realized his mother and father were infamous for their methods of interrogation and found work hard to come by with such familial ties. So, he changed his name to Goodlark and set off with a group of adventurers to practice his techniques.

His adventures have taken him to exotic locales and he has had the luxury of leading his field of work and hopes to one day come back to Candlekeep and start a new field of study with his life’s work written in several tomes.

Its been five years since he left home. His previous adventuring group, while questing through the Spine of the World, found a rift in space and time that led to a pocket dimension of another world. Although, very similar to Faerun, this world is brand new to him. Already, Malice has found creatures that he has never seen before and new flora that may provide useful to the medicinal field. Not wanting to follow his old adventuring group back to Faerun, Malice decided to separate from them and adopt a new adventuring crew to travel with and test his sciences.

Dr. Malice Goodlark

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