A marvel of engineering


The construct stands six feet tall, weighing three hundreds pounds. The core of a warforged is a skeletal frame made of metal and stone with wood fibres acting as a muscular system. Covering the warforged is an outer shell of metal and stone plates. An internal network of tubes run through the warforged’s body, these tubes are filled with a blood like fluid that is designed to lubricate and nourish their systems. Their hands have only two thick fingers and a thumb whilst their feet only have two broad toes.


This model seems to have seen heavy use; damage to most of its plates and spots of rust highlight dents and cracks here and there. Those of martial backgrounds can easily read the markings for what they are – battle damage.


The past is utterly unknown.

The present is a different story. Recovered intact and nonoperational during a ‘field trip’ of the Mages College, the unit was brought back to an active state; largely due to the work of one Bori Gagtinhammersmith. It promptly asked for orders regarding “the enemy force due north in pincer formation”. Obviously the unit was damaged, and something of a relic of the past anyway, so the College loaned it to Jann “Mama” Freedmane of The Red Apple as a serving golem.

The true nature of the unit came to light a few weeks later, when it nearly killed a man for kicking a dog in the tavern.

Now the unit works for Jann in a different capacity. It functions as a bouncer, yes, and even serves food and drink from time to time. Primarily, however, it works tirelessly to promote her agendas and ideals, including adventuring work. From time to time the unit is loaned out to Constable Aleena Ironsky for specialty work, as the machine is nearly tireless and seems eager to “be of use”.


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