Targath "Granite Arms" Kren

Half-Stone Giant Fighter


He hulks over most at 7’9" with his purple hued skin with white freckles dotting all over the behemoth. His blue-gray eyes accent his silver hair. Always seen with his large battle ax and shield, an emblem of a tree with a sword at it’s core surrounded by boulders paints. He could intimidate a lion. But he is a gentle soul if you talk with him. Polite, respectful, even makes a fool of himself for a laugh from children. He is no ordinary being.


Hailing from the small village of Tulan at the foothills of the Stepla Mountains, he attempted to join the Aduan military 3 years ago. He was rejected for his non-conformity to their authority, but was still viewed as useful with his incredible strength and combat skills. And so he was regarded as an independent contractor to the army.

As a sword hand, if you are familiar with those circles, he has a reputation as a skill warrior but refuses to entertain idiotic or overly complicated plans. Furthermore he will never harm an innocent life unnecessarily. He doesn’t speak much of his time before coming to Aduan, but has plenty of stories of combat with the monsters he has faced and defeated.

With the Reshkin war beginning he was called upon to the Presnova siege. He has run missions assigned to him along with a few instances of seeking out enemy patrols and observations post without the authorities either knowing about them or giving orders. He is an outsider, but a valued one, gaining a steady reputation for being effective.

Targath "Granite Arms" Kren

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