Vaelan Valldir


Vaelan is a half-elf boy from the city of Adua. His father, Philip, serves as one of the councilmen to the King. His father owns a successful business in Adua, a general store that sells…general things. Vaelan worked there while younger, but quickly lost interest, and decided that line of work wasn’t for him, even with the promise of inheriting the business. Vaelan wanted more out of life. One thing he can say he gained from working at The General, is he met many interesting individuals. He was always really intrigued by the adventurers that would come in and restock. The tales that were told had him fixated on doing that one day. He urged his father to let him go and have a life of his own, but his father refused. He wanted the family business to go on, and with no brothers or sisters, it had to be him.

Finally, Vaelan caught a break when his parents found out they were pregnant. He thought this would for sure be his opportunity to get out. Unfortunately, his father still would not have it. He decided to take it into his own hands, and he sought out on an adventure of his own. He traveled down to the local tavern to see if any quests were available. He would even take one that wasn’t paying anything. Money wasn’t a problem for him. He accepted the first one he took.

The job was to protect a caravan traveling to Vale. He had no experience in combat, but that didn’t stop him. He grabbed a sword and shield from his father’s store and set off. Once the caravan arrived at Vale, it was stopped by the guard there. Unbeknownst to Vaelan, the caravan was smuggling stolen goods. All involved were arrested. When word got to back to his father, he was furious. His dad pulled the necessary strings to get him out and back home. Needless to say, there was not a happy meeting with his father that followed.

Months went by of no money and all work. One day, a wizard walked into The General. He told him if he was interested in adventure, the Mage’s college was he way to go. Vaelan begged and implored his father to let him go. However, his father was still outraged at the last incident, he would not budge. Everything changed one night, coming home from a late night meeting with the King. His father spoke very little to Vaelan. He handed him some money, supplies, and told him they were waiting for him at the Mage’s College. Vaelan was overjoyed at the statement. He left that night after his goodbyes.

After completing the intial classes and stages needed, he set out as fast as he could to get out and adventure. Eventually making his way to the Red Apple Inn….

Vaelan Valldir

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