Bulletin Board at the Red Apple Inn

All is quiet in Vale on this Friday night, with the exception of the  The Red Apple Inn. You make your way inside. As you walk to the bulletin board you notice four pieces of parchment are pinned to it. They read the following:
Investigators Needed:

A group of four young folks came by my stable about 5 days ago and rented some horses. I'm beginning to think I've been swindled. I'll pay someone 200 gold pieces to find my horses. Come by my store and we can talk details.

-Bale Farnsworth Havensack Udeer – Owner of Bale's Goods (24 miles west of Vale)


Guards Needed:

We're leading a caravan down east to Valda, could use a few more guards and hands. You gotta be able to know your way around a blade. Will pay 10gp a head, half now half when we arrive. Will pay 15 if you can lead a wagon correctly, that'll be handy if someone dies. See me at the Inn.

-Rairn Redgrave, Team Lead


Delivery Needed,

I broke my damn minute hammer. The vexin' part is, ya need another little hammer to make a little hammer. I won't use any hammer, it's gotta be of Gagtinhammersmith make, only that'll do. I'll pay someone 40gp to make the trek to Stepla for me, and I'll give you a discount on my wares. Come see me if you're interested.

-Bori Gagtinhammersmith, Owner of Bori's Smithy


Needing Help,

The Arin river has been dammed further south. We had an angry customer ask for his money back after a failed voyage. It looks like something bigger than a beaver made it, there is a lot of work that needs to be done to get the dam cleared. We'll give our savings of 100gp to whoever can help us keep our business alive.

-The Kiko's, Owner of Kiko's Ferry


The metal man takes interest in Gagtinhammersmith’s plight while “escorting” a patron to the exit.


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