Ghost in the Dark (Retired)


Ghost is a tabaxi with white fur and black spots. She looks like a bipedal snow leopard. She wears an ornate silver necklace that she never takes off…


She was born to an impoverished tabaxi family who lived deep in the jungle of Tzalaka. Not long after she turned ten years old, she was sold into slavery, and brought to Adua, Capital of the Free Lands. There, she was purchased by [REDACTED], who trained her in espionage. After several years of service, she finally confronted [REDACTED], and demanded her freedom. [REDACTED] reluctantly agree, on one condition. She had to earn enough money to pay back the amount he payed for her. Eager to earn her freedom, she quickly set out to obtain a fortune.

While journeying, she met Zatharis Ka’al, whom she became intimate with. Zatharis will killed during a fight against perytons, and she assisted Dathamir Ka’tal with the burial. A while later, Ghost discovered she was pregnant with Zatharis’s child….

Ghost in the Dark (Retired)

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